Can I schedule a ride?

You can book a vehicle with no additional fee by tapping the calendar icon on the right. The vehicle must be booked within the next 30 days, and at least up to half an hour before the desired pickup time.

As long as they don't overlap, you can make up to 30 bookings within 30 days.

Booking a vehicle does not grant you one with 100% certainty, but it allows you to plan in advance. A list of your bookings will appear in My rides inside the main menu. We’ll send you a reminder of your booking 30 minutes before the pickup time.

Once we connect you to a vehicle, you’ll receive a notification to let you know it's on the way. In the event that we can’t find you a vehicle, we’ll notify you as well.

You can cancel the booking without any penalties, at any time. If there’s no vehicle assigned to your booking yet, go to “My rides” in the main menu and select the upcoming ride you want to cancel.



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